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 "Meisha deeply cares about people and nature, and helping others build awareness and deep connection. I am inspired just being around her.” – Diane, Mt. Shasta, CA

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Why are you here?  Right now?  At this moment?

I can tell you why I'm here...  

In short, I was a good kid, I went to college, graduated with a degree in Statistics with a focus in Environmental Sciences.  I had no idea what I wanted to do with my life at that young age, although being a nature freak, I knew the environment was important to me.  There are statistics on everything, so why not Statistics?  I'll figure out what I want to do with it later.

I was 25 when I decided to move from North Carolina to California, after asking myself too many times, "Is this it?" I became a Marine Fisheries Statistician and Research Scientist for 17 years, and again, I still found myself asking, "Is this it?"  My heart and soul still felt empty.  I then began to ask, "If I'm not doing this, what would I do?"

Thankfully, someone came into my life that led me to answering that very question. A magnificent woman was contracted to work with our agency to train us in conflict resolution and leadership. Long story short, she became my life coach (and still is today).

I had never heard of a life coach; I hired her anyway. I was at a point where I was willing to do whatever it took to fill this unanswered longing. After a session with her, I felt like I could move mountains! She opened my eyes to the possibilities, and I wanted more of that! I invested. I listened. I began to think differently. I experimented and started noticing changes.  Self-awareness is the key to long-term change.

I had begun my personal and professional development journey, where I started listening to my deepest desires and aligning my life with my core values.  I began to discover the stories and limiting beliefs that were holding me back.  I met my shadows and accepted myself fully for who I am and how I want to show up in this world.  I want to be in service, helping others be the leader of their own lives.  My purpose is to assist you in your journey. That is why I am here...

Your thoughts create your reality, and you have a choice in creating exactly what you want in your life. 

So if you are asking yourself, "Is this it?" 

The answer is, “If you choose it to be.”

Let's talk...

Let's get real...

Meisha Key - Personal and Professional Development Coach and Facilitator

Meisha Key - Personal and Professional Development Coach and Facilitator

YES! Testimonials

What clients are saying...

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“Meisha exudes empathy and the desire to help see people on life’s journey. I think Meisha sharing her personal experience of changing careers as she sought out additional meaning and balance in her personal life added wonderful credibility to our conversations. I look forward to checking back in with Meisha at future points in my journey. This is time and resources well spent.” – John  E., Portland, OR

“Meisha’s spirit shines through and she helped me in more ways than she can possibly know. A few talks changed my outlook, my soul, and I am grateful for that. What I found the most valuable was learning if I change my thoughts to compassion, my heart softens and my eyes are filled with something completely different.” – Amanda, Manteo, NC

“I hired Meisha to help me get clarity around a very important professional decision that would greatly impact the course of my work and my personal life. I valued how she helped me to drop into my heart and my intuition, so I could discover the truer nature of this calling and the passion that would fuel my journey. I valued being accountable to my own process and having Meisha’s support in setting a spacious and creative flow, reflecting important details, and her ability to be completely present during our time together.” – Melissa, Santa Cruz, CA

“Meisha really helped me get out of a negative mindset and onto a path of positive thinking. Being aware of blocking negative thoughts and speaking positively has made the biggest impact for me.”  – Andrew, Vancouver, WA

"When I met Meisha, I instantly felt safe and comfortable expressing myself and sharing my story, and that was before I knew she was a coach. My intuition was spot on.  Meisha’s ability to listen and reflect back with constructive love is her super power. Her care and guidance are skilled, insightful and unique to my human experience, my personal wiring.  She’s not afraid to deliver tough love, and she’s also got your back. Meisha has already helped me shift my perspective and my trajectory in a positive direction, in just a couple of months. Highly recommend!!!"- LauraLe, Oakland, CA

“Meisha facilitates meetings in a very focused and egalitarian manner, allowing everyone a chance to discuss issues without needless repetition or allowing distraction from meeting objectives. She showed remarkable skill in navigating a myriad of discussions, keeping the meeting on track. Her thoughtful guidance led to effectively communicated scientific reports and a very positive group dynamic.” - John D., Portland, OR

“Meisha provided me a safe space to speak what I am thinking, helping me see outside of myself, realizing what I am feeling is influenced by what I am thinking. Providing me an opportunity to see this has allowed me to be aware of barriers, both created by me and constructed by others, and to move past them.” – Lisa, Aptos, CA 

“Meisha is such a loving and compassionate woman that cares deeply for her fellow human beings and wants to help them enjoy the beauty of their lives.  She inspires me to be a better person with purpose.” - Brenda, Brooksville, FL

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