we're in this together

 “Meisha exudes empathy and the desire to help see people on life’s journey." -John, Portland, OR 


personal and professional development coaching

VISION – To inspire individuals, organizations and communities to be their best; managing life through truth, acceptance, self-awareness and effective communication. 

If you are seeking a coach, then you are seeking change in your life.  I know!  I've been there!  What kept me stuck for over a decade was thinking, "If I'm not doing this, then WHAT would I do?" Maybe you are wanting to discover your purpose?  Maybe you are accepting what you've been doing is no longer serving you and you want to do something different? Maybe you are transitioning out of a job, a relationship, or to a new location and don't exactly know how?  

Whatever it is, it's important to know that long-term results require time, patience, curiosity, openness, honesty and a commitment to yourself.  Creating lasting change is a process, and as your coach, I support you in your own self-discovery.


I coach committed individuals and groups who are seeking change, are open to new perspectives, and willing to take risks to support their personal and professional development.


Individual coaching consists of weekly sessions, with a set day and time.  3 months minimum recommended.  Life happens.  If a conflict arises with a scheduled weekly session, we can reschedule during that week if our schedules allow it.  Otherwise, that weekly session will be forfeited.

Group coaching will be determined based on groups needs.


Before working together, we will sign an agreement, committing to your success!