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  “Meisha offers an outstanding combination of perceptiveness and compassion. She has a real talent for bringing out the best in both individuals and groups.” - Will, Santa Cruz, CA 


facilitating and training

VISION – To inspire individuals, organizations and communities to be their best; managing life through truth, acceptance, self-awareness and effective communication.  

I find people and group dynamics fascinating! Becoming a Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP) practitioner, I learned the depths of how unique we all are.  There is no one just like you in this world.  I know that about you!

With my knowledge, insight and experiences, I have the ability to facilitate and train groups with curiosity and compassion.  I listen intently.  I keep you on track.  I provide opportunities to build awareness throughout any meeting, workshop, or training.  My intention is to create a safe learning environment for all to participate. Together, with respect, openness, and effective communication, we will focus on outcomes and carve a path to create the results you want.

The high-performance workplace takes care of their people.  They provide a strength-based environment, where people are acknowledged for the work they do and their performance.  Some qualities of a high-performance workplace include:

 *Set clear goals aligned with the vision

 *Open communication to find solutions

 *Value diversity in skills and opinions

 *Collaboration over competition

Is there a particular topic that would benefit your workplace to strengthen relationships and increase productivity? Do you answer YES to any of the following?

 *Building rapport

 *Conflict Resolution

 *Effective communication


 *Strategic Planning

 *Team building


Did you answer YES?  YES



public speaking

I welcome the opportunity to speak at your next event to inspire your community to be their best.